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CryptoWar is a class library that wraps the Rijndael Algorithm in a Password crypto utility class. It's developed in C#. It also ships an utility for auto generate passwords. It is an implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) adopted by the US government.


How to Use:

Just add a reference to


and call the statics methods:

var encTxt = RMWCrypto.EncryptStringAES(txt, ss);       //Encryption
var decTxt = RMWCrypto.DecryptStringAES(encTxt, ss);    //Decryption

The first parameter received is the text to work with. The second is the string with the shared key to work with.

The class PasswordGenerator is also included and with that class you can build passwords automatically, specifying the amount of characters, the characters to be used, and the possibility of have repetitions in the characters or not.

You can use this class in this way:

   1:   private void btnAutogenerate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   2:          {
   3:              int value = (int)nudMain.Value;
   4:              PasswordGenerator pg = new PasswordGenerator()
   5:              {
   6:                  ConsecutiveCharacters = true,
   7:                  Maximum = value,
   8:                  Minimum = value - 1,
   9:                  RepeatCharacters = true
  10:              };
  11:              txtSS.Text = pg.Generate();
  12:          }

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